Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A-line Wedding Dresses from LandyBridal

Hello lovelies! Who are planning to get married? Haha! If I'd be given a chance a chance to get wed again (of course, with the same man, my husband!), I would definitely make it worth. I really wish to reach more than golden anniversary with my man and I would feel so royal wearing one of these wedding dresses. Yes, why not? A royal theme wouldn't hurt if you know where to go to. Like these wedding dresses under 500 dollars . Nowadays, choosing your wedding dress wouldn't hurt your pocket because you can now buy a ready-to-wear pieces via online. What the good thing about it is that you can purchase not only your wedding dress but you can buy for your mother and your bridesmaids, too, without losing a fortune.

By the way, it is best to determine your body shape first before purchasing any dresses. In my case, A-line suits me best. Why? Well, my body shape is straight/ banana/ athletic. A-line will create an illusion of having a thin waistline and wider hips instead of my narrow hips. here are A-line wedding dresses that caught my interest:

It feels great to choose your royal wedding dress in the tips of your hands in your most convenient time and place like at home. There's more selections to choose from and you do not need to shell out a fortune at Landybridal.



  1. The last one is so elegant!


  2. Beautiful dresses!

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