Monday, July 13, 2015

Homecoming Dresses from Cocomelody

Hello lovelies! Whenever I see my high school friends in the newsfeed of my social media accounts, I can't help but reminisce my high school days and that includes our prom nights. Those are the times when fun is extreme in a wholesome way. The attraction to opposite sex was intense. Well, intense like you can stand not to sleep all night just thinking of your crushes. Haha! The dress I wore during my first prom night in junior high was a second hand from my older sister. Now the dresses are exemplary in its design, I can't help but sigh. I am thinking if I have worn a dress something like the ones I saw online now, would my first crush then will be one of my boyfriends?

If I can turn back time to my high school, I would probably wear these homecoming dresses in Prom. It's fascinating to think how easy and fast to have your prom dresses at the tips of your fingertips. My niece will be attending a prom and she got excited when I tell her I will take care of her prom dress and she'll just wait for it. So, yeah, I end up browsing at

Cocomelody has a wide selection of homecoming dresses under $100. These photos are just few from their website. My number 1 pick is the third one. I know my niece will gonna like it. She loves anything in nude color and the dress speaks elegance. The embellished appliqu├ęs was perfectly put on the right places; not overwhelming to look at. 


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