Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Long Coats for Woman at Tidestore

Hello lovelies! I will be out of town with my man soon and we will be heading somewhere North. I'm quite excited about it because it will be the longest ride and time to spend on the road and our last stop would be somewhere with temperature drops to 14 degrees. Now, you can't blame me not to browse on the long coats for women at Tidestore. Whenever I need something to buy online, I always check them out because there are so many items that I find cheaper compared to the other online stores. Have you checked them yet?


When you have long coats, the best to pair to it are the stylish boots may it be ankle high or knee high. You don't need to spent a fortune because there so many cheap fashion boots that you can find online. Take a look of these pairs that caught my eyes.


I am eyeing the white trench coat and the knee-high boots. I think it's a perfect pair. What do you think, lovelies?



  1. Lovely post, have a beautiful week dear! <3

  2. I am in love with these colorful boots on the last pic!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK


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