Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wedding Dress Styles from CocoMelody

Why the wedding dress are one of the ultimate dress to be worn by a woman? There are a lot of answers, right? And the most common answers are that it only happens once in a woman's life, so better make it great and you're giving a vow in that big day with your love, hence, you should be beautiful and at your best. I always mention this every time a wedding is a topic that if I am given a chance to get wed (of course with the same man, my husband), I already have a dream wedding dress that I'd love to wear. Something unique and of course, inexpensive. Yes, you can find something that won't really hurt you wedding budget. It just need some clicks away to cocomelody.

Above are just a few designs of their Mermaid Wedding Dresses. I picked these two designs because of its particular features. Take a look of the first photo; it has an accentuated waist line because of it embellished belt. I love this because it creates an illusion of having a thin waist line. What do you think?


The other style that I would love to wear is destination wedding dresses. If you haven't known yet, I will leave my city life and turn as an island girl anytime if ever have the chance. I love beach, hence, beach wedding is a big check for me. 

Please do not forget to check out their sale. Grab the chance of getting discount coupon. Happy shopping!



  1. Beautiful dresses dear!

    Please click on the link on my post


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