Friday, October 9, 2015

Wedding Dresses Made Affordable

Hello lovelies! I just got back from a week of vacation from Boracay Island. I still have a hangover of the fun activities we did. I had fun when we island hopped in Puka Beach. Do you know that there were a pair of two asians doing a pre-nup shoot along the beach? I had fun watching them. The other pair was wearing like a semi-wedding gown already and she looks beautiful in it. How much more when she already wearing her real wedding gown, eh? I suddenly remember the wedding dresses from that I had browsed a week ago. I think these would also suit best to the woman doing the pre-nup shoot.

What is your pick from the above wedding dresses? I love the No.2, No.4 & No.5 photos because it is perfect for a beach wedding. Agree? I really find it fuss-free, no frills yet look so elegant. The embellishments made it so easy to out-stand the simple style of the dress. And do you know that you can get these wedding dresses under $100? Please bear with me if I am thinking of a beach wedding because as you know I just got back from a beach trip. And speaking of beach wedding, I am attending a real one next year and I can imagine how grand it will be because it will be held in one of the famous and expensive hotels in Boracay Island. I am so excited for it!



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