Monday, November 2, 2015

Get $20 for Buying Air Zoom Pegasus 32 iD from Official Nike and 80% Off Shipping Rate from USGoBuy

If you've been following me on my Instagram account, I just recently posted my newest purchase pair - NIKE Thea Liberty. I am so in love with the pair! Actually, I could have own a pair of that particular limited edition Liberty three months ago but I didn't have the perfect size. I've gone searching for it to some outlet stores but no luck until just a week ago, I found one with my size. Imagine the glee when I bought it. In relation to this, there's a new edition from Nike called Back In Bloom. I know I must have a pair or two of this! Just look at the blooming flowers printed all around it. Isn't it lovely?

As much as I wanted to own one, this Back in Bloom hasn't come to my country yet and sadly, I do not know if they will release this edition here. But I'm so thankful, US_GoBuy, will make this possible. First of all, you can get $20 by this, click here.

1. Open the official page of this item of

2. Choose the featured design or customize

3. Copy the link after you decide

4. Paste it in the ShopForMe bar of USGo_Buy

4. It will land on this page >>

Fill out basic info like size and color.

You can also use US_GoBuy to buy any brand product you want from USA.


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