Friday, April 1, 2016

Designer Wedding Dresses from CocoMelody

Hello, lovelies! Guess what? I am supposed to attend a wedding in Boracay and our flight would be tomorrow night but something came up this week with my work and I can't just let myself go and leave everything here. I decided not to attend the wedding of my client. I've been looking forward to her big day ever since I received her wedding invitation last year. My client is marrying a rich guy and I can't help myself imagining what would her wedding dress looks like. I'm sure it is something that every girl would dream for. I thought of this designer wedding dresses that she might be wearing.

This wedding dresses from CocoMelody are really luxury to look at. Agree? That's why I thought of my client wearing similarly with these designs. But I'm sure, hers would cost at least $5,000 because she has the money but hey, you can wear designer wedding dresses without sacrificing your wedding budget.

Then, check out bridesmaid dresses, too. Get your eyes feast on the selection and I'm sure you'll find something. And now is the perfect time because you can enjoy 10% -15% Off while on wedding dresses and all accessories, enjoy a 40% Off!



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