Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Must Have Elegant Dresses

When I was in my elementary grade, I drew a whole body image of a girl in a cardboard. Then, I cut it following every curve of the image, and voila, I have made my doll! The next thing I did was tracing my DIY doll in a white paper and I started creating her clothes. You see, my addiction to fashion occurred to me when I was little. My little sister and I played with my doll. Then, later on, I made my little sister her own doll, too, made of cardboard and we've played with our dolls enjoyably. You see, even when I was little, at my very young age, I have that dream of designing and creating my own clothes. But as we grow up, we got to know other things that make our heart desires more and yes, my wish of dressing up my DIY doll have eventually gone. But every time I remembered those times, it never fails to put a smile on my face. 

It is great to know that there's one in the few fashion online store that features independent fashion designers. As we all know, big things start from small things as well as famous fashion designer start from nothing, too. You see, everything starts at 1 and never starts at 5, 7, or 10. That's why my childhood desire brings to life when I get to know because I can somewhat relate. 


I just feel that every piece I see on the store website is made with determination and big dreams and that makes every piece beautiful. If you take a look at these elegant dresses, then you'll say I'm right. I am hard to please and so are my eyes but these creations left me in awe. These creations are very inspiring I feel like I am craving to create my own but I am stucked in real estate development ideas, so for the meantime, browsing these would pacify my crave. I believe that a girl must wear elegant dresses once in a while to renew some womanliness especially if you get used to a normal street wear. Agree? All I can say is I found a new website to frequent; some new things for my eyes to feast with. Until then.




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