Thursday, August 4, 2016

Virgin Hair Extension from Besthairbuy

Hello, lovelies! I've been always a straight hair girl ever since. Of course, I have tried curling my hair using a curling iron but I always end up not liking it. My hair always fights with me. I haven't had a successfully curled hair by myself. My husband said why don't I try hair wig. That idea was like a bulb that lighted a dark tunnel. Yes, why haven't I thought of that? I am so thankful for the Internet because whatever dilemma you are in, you can always find a solution online. I stumbled on Besthairbuy and I was amazed of the human hair extensions I found. I've learned that there are so many types of hair extensions and I quite enjoyed browsing the site. It was nice to get knowledgeable about these hair extensions for future purchase so that you'll not end up buying something that you'll find unsatisfactory once you received it. It is best to see and research to avoid surprises. Agree? 

As I was browsing, this hair extension (pictured above) caught my interest. I really love the way the hair extension blended in with the real hair. This is what I like because I cannot do my hair to perfection, right? So this particular hair extension would help me make my curls to perfection. I was curious also about the virgin hair. I've learned so much about this virgin hair that each has differences from Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian and Brazilian virgin hair. I am really glad to know about this and honestly, I've never been this interested in human hair extension but only now after finding out about virgin hair. I think I'll be playing with my hair often once I got my bundles of this extension and I am excited, really. My fave from the product choice are the ones in Black Pearl collection. How about you?

I noticed also that virgin hair looks more naturally especially in curls. I guess my problem about having curled hair is finally have a solution. The good thing about it, there is so many textures to choose from - naturally wavy, loose waves, curly to kinky curly and even straight, they have it. I guess I found a hair extension haven! Did I mention that they also have a collection? So, the choices not only vary with the types of hair extensions but it also budget-friendly without compromising the quality of it. I guess you really have to check it yourself now, lovelies.


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