Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Inflatables from Buybubblefootball

Hello, lovelies! I feel so lucky of living in a tropical country. I considered we only have one season (dry) even though we are now experiencing wet season because it feels like summer all year. Who wouldn't love summer? Who wouldn't love Sun? If you don't know yet, I'm an outdoor lover and I love being at the beach! Sometimes, I think that I'm a sea gypsy from another life. My favorite beach destination is Boracay Island, of course. It's been 5 years already since I first brought my whole family to the beach (and I meant a family of 10 including my parents, my siblings and their kids) and I can't wait to take them again this coming November 2016. The excitement is killing me because I can't wait to have fun with them. It will be my birthday celebration (and my treat!), so the mixed emotions of excitement and pressure of time & booking everything from flight tickets to hotel rooms to beach activities are quite stressing me out but every time I thought of the fun my family will experience, I always get relieved. One of the best activities to do is the water activity and you can't blame me if I browsed the Internet to find inflatables HERE.

I should have at least one of this Inflatable Air Sleeping Bag. I've been looking around for this! It's an airbag sofa perfect for outdoor activity especially if you want a lazy lounging on the beach. And yes, getting the 5 pcs. a package is economical and a great investment since we intend to use it not only for the upcoming beach trip but for other outdoor activity like camping. 

I would always be kids at heart! I can't wait to play with nephew and nieces with this Water Walking Ball. Let's see if I still have the skill of balancing. 

How about a Fly Fish Inflatable? Or a Water Roller? Or this Human Hamster Ball? Hmm, I think I'll be getting this Hamster Ball. This looks fun, isn't it? There's still more choices of bubble suit >

I think two or three pieces of this Hamster Ball is enough for us since we're just small family but if you are looking to use it for a business, then the 10 pcs. package is perfect and economical. You can find many designs of inflatables at Buybubblefootball. I am so glad to find Buybubblefootball and to know that they are the leading company in the field of inflatable products and services, it just makes me feel more at ease to try their product.




  1. all of them look so much fun
    keep in touch

  2. I've wanted to try the bubble one for bubble soccer! Looks interesting!

    The Cassie Paige
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