Saturday, September 17, 2016

Long Sleeve Dresses from Runbuye

Hello, lovelies! Sometimes, I thought of dressing according to my age. But in fashion, is there really a rule of dressing according to your age? I don't think there is because fashion is everyone's way of expressing one's self. I can express the mood I'm feeling by the clothes I wear. Of course, everybody does. Aren't you? But when it comes to appropriate dressing, I know there's always a rule to it. Agree? I don't know but I'm starting to like wearing dresses; an Auntie kind of dressing. Haha! Just kidding! May it be long or short, I know I have an eye to wearing dresses now often. Anyway, you should check out these long sleeve dresses for women I found online.

These two long sleeve bodycon dresses are the types I would pick without a doubt especially the blue one with mesh design. I love anything with mesh design because I can simply show some skin without going bare; like on my shoulders and arms. I can still keep a classy look with this. What do you think?

I love dresses with sleeves; may it short or long or quarter sleeves. I felt and look appropriate wearing this kind of dress in any kind of occasion. If the dress is short, the long sleeves make an easy pull from sexy to looking casual and more decent. I personally choose long sleeves than sleeveless. Not that I am too conservative but practicality comes in between choosing the right item if you'll think of your money's worth. I can wear long sleeve dresses to work more often than sleeveless dresses. Loose long sleeve dress is perfect for casual days and in work days. What do you think of the last two photos? This kind of dress speaks my personal style. I'm glad Runbuye has a wide selection to check to. How about you? What kind of dress speaks your personal style?




  1. interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. great dresses,love the black one
    keep in touch


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