Saturday, October 15, 2016

Earn While Doing Your Passion

Hello, lovelies! I've been so busy lately with my work and my blog. It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I am not really complaining because it means being busy is being blessed. I am blessed to have work. Though sometimes the work gets stressful, I know that at the end of the day, the stress will stop and tomorrow is another day to face it. Now, for my blogging, I also get too busy sometimes. It feels good when the brands trust you because it means you're doing good on your blog. Right? I lost count of the brands and stores I collaborated with and work with but there's always some  that stays with me until now and there are some that I chose to stay with. SHEIN is one of them. I decided to continue working with this store as an affiliate. I chose to be their affiliate because I trust them; they have amazing products and great customer service. It is best to promote products that you love and trust because it comes out naturally. I forgot already how many items I owned from this store and still counting up to this time.

If you have a fashion blog, either you're a beginner or you're quite trying to get your blog noticed but really doesn't have a tool yet (like sponsors, free items), I suggest you sign-up in SHEIN Publisher Program. If you're a beginner, this is a perfect way to earn readers and to get noticed. It is very easy. After signing up, do not waste time and start creating your first promotion post. Earn $15 if your post gets passed or $5 worth of store points if the post is unpassed. Now, you wouldn't settle for $5 worth of store points, are you? Of course, you can get $15 per blog post but this is not really the cherry on top. Can you get the picture? I meant the commissions that you'll be earning!

Note: If you sign-up already as SheIn Publisher, join this giveaway now and get a chance to be one of the 15 winners of $30 cash coupon!

To start with your first entry of promotion post, you can share your thoughts on how to dress for Halloween since it is just around the corner. Here are my picks to wear for the coming Halloween parties:

Black Print Short Sleeve T-shirt (here)
Black Smiley Face Print Sweatshirt (here)

White Alien Print Sweatshirt (here)
Black Bat Shaped Lace Mask (here)

The more you publish a blog post with fashion content, the more chances of being seen online. What if you posted something that earns the reader's interest? What if you wore something that made them clicked the link because it was something that they been looking for? By this way, readers would come back in your blog and watch for your future posts, of course, thinking that you have something that seems alike with them like the same fashion style? You really can't say what will make readers come back, so always be sure you have a regular update on your blog and on your social media sites, too.

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