Monday, October 24, 2016

Formal Evening Dresses

I rarely got invited to a wedding occasion. That's why when there's an invitation, I found myself panicking. I'd always want to be seen at my best because it's not like a casual and a usual gathering. This kind of occasion gives me a hard time from the make-up to wear, shoes, accessories and most especially the dress to wear. I love to attend a wedding that requires formal dresses because it gives me a lot of confidence. I love wearing floor-length dresses because it makes me act more of lady-like, more feminine and it made me move graciously as ever. But formal evening dresses are usually expensive but the are worth to check to.

formal evening dress

Formal Evening dress

So, here's a tip. Before you buy any floor-length dresses may it be for prom or formal evening dresses, you should know your flaws that you need to conceal. In my case, I have a lean column or a straight/ athlete body shape and I am not blessed in the chest department; I'm flat chested. These are my flaws that I need to conceal in order for me to feel confidently beautiful wearing the dress. I go for a dress that has embellishments and laces because it tends to draw attention into it. The more the dress is covered with embellishments, the more the price is expensive but there are cheap prom dresses uk  that won't hurt your pocket.

formal evening dress

I am in love with the red formal evening dress as shown in the first photo. The top is not covered with embellishments but I love it. Simply because of the style of the top part; I love the wrap style! Wearing it will conceal my cleavage less body and the attention will draw to the wrap. These kinds of Evening Dresses UK are the ones I love to invest into. I do not have a defined waistline so I always look for a style that can give an illusion of small waistline like the photos above. Know your body shape first and your flaws before buying.


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