Thursday, October 27, 2016

What I Do When Work Is Stressing Me Out

Hello, lovelies! The time goes by so fast. By next month, I'll be turning another year older. Then, I asked myself: "Should I continue doing this?" Continue doing what? "This. This blogging thing". Absolutely, hell, yes! I love blogging. I love sharing my looks. This has been my outlet every time stress gets me. This is how I reduce my stress. I know, I am not alone with this. Even though my clothes has piling outside my closet (coz there's no room anymore) and my husband is complaining ever since; no, I won't stop doing this. I feel good whenever I see beautiful clothes, bags, and shoes. I feel good whenever I visit my favorite online stores and checking their new arrivals. For now, I am frequenting this online store lately. Their new arrivals keep on amazing me. I can't believe I can get such gorgeous pieces in a half-price compared to the other stores. What I love most is that I can get the exact product as seen on their product page and the sizes are true to size. So, every penny spent is really worth it!

I added these gorgeous pieces on my wishlist as of last night.




  1. haha! of course sis! continue doing that :) I can totally feel you. Right now, I'm a year older but I won't stop blogging. I love blogging :) and totally right about this as being stress reliever. :) Those were lovely pieces! Advance Happy birthday :) hehe

    Rica |

    1. Yeah, right! Blogging is a stress reliever. Happy Birthday to you, too!


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