Friday, November 4, 2016

Coats and Sweaters

Hello, lovelies! It is that time of the year again that I can layer and wear clothes that will keep me warm. It is this time of the year when sweaters and coats poured like rain on most of my social media feed. I really envy those people that can wear layered thick clothes nowadays because I can never wear one here in Manila but unless I go to some highlands like Tagaytay City or in the City of Pines. Actually, I am making room for these outfits in my closet in preparation for my upcoming family trip up North this coming December and I can't wait for it. I am looking at these beautiful Women's Coats at one of my favorite shops.

We are experiencing cold weather now here in Manila and I think these Women's Sweaters are fine to protect me from cold. The first two photos are perfect workwear; appropriate enough to wear in the office. I chose these two because once you got out of the office, it will also protect from ocassional chill especially when dusk takes place, I noticed that the wind gets cold already.

I think this last photo simply says that you can still be stylish even the cold weather gets you. I really love the half-slit in front. It is eye catching. Agree? Also, the fabric looks light weight and the texture looks fine. 




  1. Such pretty winter wear
    Keep in touch

  2. Great pieces! It's getting colder here in our country now :)

    xoxo, rae


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