Sunday, December 11, 2016

Review: Sequined T-shirt & Pleated Skirt from ZAFUL

Hello, lovelies! Now that Christmas is approaching, there are so many festivities going on left and right. My Facebook news feed is bombard of my friends' christmas parties and I've got to see their party's theme. There are some who went for glam rock, bohemian/ boho & cowboy/ cowgirl party; it was fun seeing them in different attire and not their usual and most of them have seen their best. I am not attending any party at any moment because come next week, I and my family will be leaving Manila and travel up North but hey, even though I'm not attending any party, it doesn't mean I'm missing the fun, right? I can still have fun and feel festive with an outfit in normal day. Lol! Today's outfit post is featuring the items ZAFUL sent over about two weeks ago. I really love these pieces, so I hope you'll love it, too, and don't forget to comment below. 

The moment I saw this sequined coconut palm t-shirt, I know I should have one. I rarely see t-shirts with embellishment; I always see printed or statement shirt. I love embellishments because it is making an outfit stand-out. For this t-shirt, it has sequins with a few little balls and I love the colors of it. It is very lovely and pleasing to the eyes. What do you think? Also, wearing a t-shirt like this will make your outfit effortless but still it stand-out.

When I added the sequined t-shirt to my shopping cart, the question that popped on my mind was what to pair with it. Good things I remember the pleated skirt that I wore here is available in four colors, so I find the skirt and I was happy to see that this high waist green pleated skirt is still available. I actually ordered two pieces of this skirt which I already published outfit posts here and here. Yey! What's not to love with this skirt? The fabric is so good; it's not sheer. Also, it has full lining and the pleats look lovely! The size is true; it just fits me perfectly. 

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I was wearing:
sequined palm tree t-shirt (here)
high waist green pleated skirt (here)
pointed shoes (here)
stainless bracelets (here) & (here)
crossbody bag (find similar here)

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