Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review: Styled-Up by SAMMYDRESS (Fall Outfit)

Hello, lovelies! How did you spent your Christmas? I hope you had a meaningful and fun Christmas with your love ones, family and friends. If you are following my Instagram, you probably know that I spent the Christmas holidays with my husband and my family in Baguio City. We've celebrated Christmas in the City of Pines for about 3 consecutive years already and as always, we had a great time. For today's outfit post, I am featuring SAMMYDRESS. I really save these items for the holidays because it is perfect to wear in Baguio. 

This long sleeve high neck slit sweater kept me warm the entire time I had it on. I really love it! I know that the weather in Baguio could be so cold than I can imagine but I survived it. Sometimes you just need to figure which material of the sweater and the collar to keep you warm, right? The high neck collar helps a lot. More sweater here.

I had two location shoot for this outfit post. First, we toured for the second time around the BenCab Museum in Tuba, Benguet. Good thing we came back in the museum because this time, there are arts and painting that are new to my eyes. My nephew was the one who took these shots and was the one behind the lens instead of my husband. My nephew is getting fond of photography and so my husband let him shoot me using his very own Nikon and I am proud to say he did the job well! 

Our next location shoot was in Cafe In The Sky. It was a whole new experience for me and my family to sip a cup of coffee while the clouds damping our skin. We just didn't have a coffee but we also had our lunch there. The view in the Cafe In the Sky is magnificent! I was in awe. But please do not under-estimate the weather and don't be fooled of the sun; make sure you arm yourself to fight the cold air over there. When we arrived up there in the Cafe, we couldn't stand the very cold air; we have to get inside the Cafe to get ourselves warm and go out again in the view deck.

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I was wearing SAMMYDRESS:
 long sleeve high neck slit sweater (get here)
crossbody bag with tassels design (get here)
 PU leather tie up boots (get here)
 leather key ring pendant (get here)
 stainless buckle belt bracelet (get here)
ZAFUL high waist pleated skirt (get here)



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