Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review: Embroidered Shirt & Denim Shorts from ZAFUL

Hello, lovelies! How's your weekend going? I am currently spending mine at my Mom's house. Nothing beats a family get-together even in its simplest form. Family is love! By the way, have you seen my previous look post where I styled a sporty chic look? Well, today's look post is an opposite of that because I am featuring a casual weekend outfit from ZAFUL. And yes, you are seeing an embroidery again in this post, oh please bear with me. I can't help but sigh seeing this detailed embroideries.

I ordered this loose tiny floral embroidered button down shirt because it's obviously a work appropriate outfit but when I see it in person, I thought it is also perfect as a casual top with a touch of class. The tiny embroidered floral are neatly and delicately done. I love it! The catch is I find the bottom part a bit bigger so I have no choice but to tuck the shirt in which wasn't bad at all, though. I am looking forward to style this shirt over trousers than of skirts. The material is very good, too. 

This floral embroidery high waist denim shorts obviously have the reason to got me sold. I have a thing with embroidery and aside from that, I find this denim short's style a not so common to find. Also, I don't have something like this and I tend to give into anything rare and something unique. This is true to size.

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I was wearing:
embroidered tiny floral shirt (here)
embroidered high waist denim shorts (here)
chain crossbody bag (find here)
loafer sandals (here)


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