Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: Hooded Jeans Coat & Camouflage Backpack from SAMMYDRESS

Hello, lovelies! The weather will be a lot cooler until next month. How I wish this cold weather we are experiencing in the metropolis now will stay throughout the year but it just happens in Baguio City - the City of Pines. I wish I could live up North and enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables every day. Okay, so here's the ironic thing that happened last night. My sister in law asked if we would love to join them for a Sagada tour and I was editing these pictures on my laptop when her message popped up in the upper right of my monitor. I said to myself: "oh yeah, we are very eager to join as I think I have the perfect outfit to trek the mountains of Sagada." But of course, we didn't give her false hope of us joining even though we'd really love to because we are saving money for hitting the beach soon. For today's style post, I am featuring SAMMYDRESS again. This shop never fails to amaze me. I got the products exactly the same as featured on their product pages. 

Can you believe that I've eyed this back slit asymmetrical hooded jeans coat for over two months? Then, I eventually forgot about it. But then, I stumbled again with the picture of a model wearing this coat somewhere over the Internet. Finally, I gave in and hit the "add to cart" button. I got hesitations before because this jacket comes in one-size only, so I was afraid I'll be regretting it if the actual length looks short on me. I immediately tried this coat on as soon as I pulled it out from the package. I was dancing in happiness because it just fit me right and the length is perfect! This is my first oversize jeans coat or a hard kind of denim coat; whatever you want to call it. I am so in love with its design! I find it really unique compared to other jeans coat or jacket. I can't find any that I can complain about with regards to quality and design; it's absolutely perfect. 

I'm not a fan of backpacks but this splicing tassels camouflage backpack is a must-have to be in line with my shoulder bags and tote bags. I couldn't resist the beauty of the camouflage. Also, the compartments and the zippers catch my attention when I was browsing the details on the product page. What really got me sold is the texture of the material. It's not something that will get damage easily and it is not something that I should give extra care whenever it's not in use. I mean I can put this backpack in the corner for over a month without worrying of deformity or whatsoever. This so pretty in person, I swear! Guess who is ready for a quick backpacking trip? Moi.

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I was wearing:
back slit asymmetrical jeans coat (here)
tassels camouflage backpack (here)
PU leather tie-up boots (here)
stainless bracelets (here & here)


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