Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In The Hunt of Vintage Shoes?

Now that summer is just around the corner, I find myself staring at my shoe closet and said to myself: "I don't have shoes...". Every girl is dreaming of owning tons of pair because a girl can't get enough. Agree? I thought I must share with you this online shop I stumbled upon yesterday, FSJ Shoes, which offers a wide selection of shoes. They have items that really are new to my eyes. Theirs aren't something that you can find anywhere. With that, I got hook as soon as I laid my eyes on their products.

These first and second pair screams sexy. Agree? I find these two sexy because I remember a plaid vintage dress on it. Plaid prints have this appeal and make you think of western women in a vintage movie. Also, anything that straps or tied you in reminds me of being sultry. So, yeah, that explains why they are on my first two spots.

This third and fourth pair simply speaks of work. May it be assigned inside an air-conditioned office or you are assigned in the field, we should always have a comfortable pair to last up to 10-12 hours a day of wearing it. The third pair with chunky heels is perfect especially if you stationed in the office. Though the heel height is high, fear not, because chunky heels like that are comfortable and will not bully your feet. :)

Girls don't just wear shoes but we wear it to stand out. So, a print or color always matter when choosing a pair. Am I right? A snake print kitten heeled shoes is a must-have to pair with your blacks and solid color outfits and colored pair of shoes to spice up or to pop up something on your look. Agree? These Vintage Shoes really have everything I love!


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