Monday, March 27, 2017

My Beauty MNL Haul

A few years back, I frequent beauty department and I spent a lot of my time roaming to almost all of the beauty stalls. I always end up buying the stuff that I didn't plan to buy, hence, I wasted time and money. The sad part is I never gotten to use the most of it and they end up getting stocked for years and useless. But things have changed now, though I'm obviously talking about me getting old for another 10 years, the good thing about getting older is that you learn what things to prioritize, thus, you tend to value time and money. I also noticed that I tend to stick with the brands that gave me positive results. It's like I don't want to spend time in knowing what's new to try but then if a product keeps on popping on my social media newsfeeds, I get curious sometimes. So, there's one make-up product that really caught my curiosity. I always managed to watch the demo video until the end and I'm always get awed every time. When I had the chance to drop at the mall, I tried looking for it and I was very disappointed to know that they don't carry this particular make-up product that stole my heart. 

Here comes BeautyMNL in the rescue. Frustrations gone. Disappointment turned to excitement. I got an email from them last week to give a test run of their site. Of course, I've heard about BeautyMNL and how wide their beauty site is, so I said yes without batting an eyelash. I clicked on their site and the landing page looks very inviting. It's clean and not painful to the eyes. In short, the menu navigation is friendly. I quickly search for the product that I've been looking for ages, and oh boy, it was there, my baby was waiting for me to take her!

At BeautyMNL, you have to purchase items with at least P2,000 worth to avail the free shipping but for first time orders, you can have your orders shipped for free. I just downloaded the BeautyMNL app from the Apple App Store. Once the app is installed, the browsing is, even more, easier! I ordered the product and I received it the next working day. Please note that they do accept orders anytime 24/7 but they don't deliver during weekends and holidays. Everybody needs a beauty rest. Agree? Right after I placed my very first order, I went on browsing the rest of the product and what's good about this site is that they got you covered in almost everything you need. This site is perfect for the busy ladies (and guys) out there. What I love most about their product pages are that they have nice product reviews, I must say honest reviews about the product. So, at least you get the picture of their experiences. It is easy for you now to give the product a try or not. Also, the Beauty MNL will make your shopping easy because you can find the products or brands you like to see by just a few clicks away. I don't know if it's just me but sometimes physical beauty stores tend to overwhelm me and it is either I end up buying more than my budget or end up regretting of buying the wrong ones after realization hits when I get home. 

Finally, I got the APRILSKIN Magic Snow Cushion in #23 Natural Beige (get it here). I can't wait to try this product! 

If you want to scrutinize a product or you don't know what's product to give a try, their review section, Beauty By You (click here) will help a lot. If you want to read some stories about beauty routines of celebrities, your favorite beauty bloggers, and their experiences, click their in-house magazine, Bloom (click here). I love reading stories in "Budget Buys" and the "Experts". 



  1. cushion foundation looks fab
    keep on touch

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx


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