Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review: Boho Chic Outfit from SAMMYDRESS

Hello, lovelies! About two weeks ago, we had a family get-together at my sister's house. It was a house warming kind of because they just transferred in that new house. Everybody was happy to know that their house is now just across my niece's school.Yey! My husband and I slept at my Mom's house a day before our get-together and we can't deny the excitement. You know, it is a very rare occasion that we get together in complete attendance. Haha! Anyway, my style post today is the one I wore in that get-together. Once again, let me say that SAMMYDRESS never fails to amaze me with their products. I received a lot of compliments that day from my family and it brings me to cloud nine. Haha!

This hooded embroidered tunic dress is love at first sight. I totally fell in love with it that I kept on thinking about it and was counting the days and hours of this item to arrive on my doorstep. The embroidery alone is impressive; it was neatly sewn and made beautifully. I also love that it is hooded; it adds more fun to the outfit. It is quite very short for a dress, right? But then, denim shorts underneath resolved it. Not really a problem for me because I don't intend to wear this as a dress alone. I mean, you see the length is perfect as a top. The color is lovely, too! It's a perfect boho piece for me! The material is very nice and it is true to size. 

I have eyed this pair of ethnic sandals with pompom design for so long because this was gotten out-of-stock for over a month. I thought they won't restock anymore but I'm so thankful they did. So, I immediately grab the chance when they restock and had myself a pair of it. This really goes well with my hooded embroidery tunic dress that left me with compliments. The pompom design looks fun and very attractive. A perfect outfit for summer, Coachella and anything bohemian. 

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I was wearing SAMMYDRESS :
hooded embroidered tunic dress (here)
ethnic sandals with pompom design (here)
red crossbody bag with tassels design (here
rabbit bag accessory (here)
stainless gold bracelets (here) & (here)


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  1. Nice look I really like the shoes !



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