Friday, April 28, 2017


Hello, lovelies! Now that summer is officially on, it's the time of the year to wear light and breezy clothes especially chiffon floral dresses. Even though summer is my most favorite time of the year, I hate it sometimes when it melts my make-up in an hour. Haha! Anyway, who wouldn't love summer?  I want nothing but to feel fresh and look fresh all day but it is so hard to stay that way because the heat is unforgiving but choosing the appropriate outfit would surely help. Agree? Below are just my picks that is wearable at daytime depends on the occasion of the day.

The first photo is just right as a casual outfit for a date, an errand kind of day and a day to work when the day requires free style. What do you think? I also the second photo because it is perfect for a semi-formal occassion; it's a floor length dress anyway. While the third photo is obviously perfect for any kind of day and also appropriate work outfit! Agree? What do you think of my top picks?


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