Monday, May 29, 2017

Highlighters and Illuminators from SEPHORA.PH

Hello, lovelies! The last time I attended an event, I spent almost an hour doing my make-up and you know what, I must say there was a transformation, of course, but there's no glow. Literally, no glow. A glowing skin is lacking. Then, I thought of highlighters and illuminators. I think it's time for me to learn to embrace this make-up trend. I found myself scrutinizing every highlighters and illuminators I found at the SEPHORA.PH

They said if you have oily skin, you should avoid these stuffs as this will only highlight the shine on your face but guess what, it's just a matter of just enough amount or depends on what kind of form you will be using. There are so many kinds - liquid, cream, powder, pencil. As you see, I ordered many kinds of brands from Benefit Cosmetics, Sleek, Zoeva and Nude Stix. The selection is wide, click here.

With the selection of these luminous shades, your summer make-up is always on check! I fall on warm tones and I have morena skin, so this highlighter palette will definitely bring out the beauty of Morena girl. The shades are natural!

A sample size for highlighter is good especially if you plan to try first. This kit is perfect because aside from High Beam liquid highlighter, there's also other sample products included. 

A kit for you to take anywhere, when you need to do contouring and illuminating. I love this kit because it's matte; I think it's perfect for day wear to work.

This sculpting pencil in Light/ Medium claimed it is easy-to-use and matte cream. It comes with a sharpener, too.

I'm excited to try all these products! I can't wait to do my make-up for tomorrow's shoot. These highlighters and illuminators are just in time when I needed it. It's time to add this routine of adding glow to my face for a much need skin glowing to look young as possible. As for the highlighters, I want to try applying it on my cupid's bow, underneath my bottom lip and at the corners of my inner eyes. 


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