Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Shopping Guide To ZAFUL

Hello, lovelies! I've shared my outfits or my style posts either via blog posts or via my social media sites since 2013. I can still vividly remember the first time a brand emailed me for my first collaboration. I got overwhelmed with happiness because a certain brand noticed and trusted my blog. The rest of the collaborations with different brands and online stores went on and went off. You know, just like friends, they come and go. I think that's just how it is, right? Then, I met ZAFUL. Actually, I've known this amazing store last year only and I noticed that they have amazing products. They have items that aren't seen in other stores and that made me kept a tab with Zaful. You know, their interesting items made me stalked them and I know the new arrival items every day. And oh, I'm not sugar-coating. 

Just recently, I received an email from Zaful staff and she was kind in inviting me to be a part of their three-year anniversary. Of course, I get delighted! The rules are laid out and I got it pretty quick. As usual, they offered to send free products in exchange for a review. I requested to make the worth of the free products a bit higher and the staff was very kind to grant my request. Since the Zaful staff always have a prompt reply, I know that our business relationship will take us further and not only one collaboration.

Honestly, I never had any difficulty reviewing Zaful products. I am very comfortable expressing my thoughts and when I write my review, I always have this smile that plastered on my face until I finished drafting review for every product I received. It is the satisfaction I felt that leave me smiling and feel excited every time I thought of Zaful. I feel like I can get pretty and look great anytime when I wear Zaful products. How about you? If you check out Zaful, you'll know the reason and I tell you I can have a list why I got hooked with Zaful. First, the main landing page is pleasing to the eyes. Nothing will look cleaner on a page than a white background. It looks neat and organized; minimal design goes a long way, baby! The categories are fine as well as the sub-categories. I really don't find any difficulty in navigating the menus either. I find Zaful website a very customer friendly that they'll guide you even in its simplest way. 

Click images for product details.

The main reason Zaful made it to my top list of online stores are their great products. Nothing will ever make me stick and got addicted to shopping online if it gives me a not so good impression in my first buy. Quality comes first to me. The first time I received Zaful products, I just can't believe how amazing they are! What you'll see on the product pages are what you will exactly be getting. Most of the times, the products that arrived are gorgeous than on what shown on their product pages. Well, it better be good that way than receiving a product that has a very big difference on what they offer. Agree? In online shopping, I have fair amounts of hits and misses from different online stores but when you find a store that you will frequent like Zaful, you probably know and learn how to hit it. I just have some concerns on the size chart, though. It really gets me confused before but I already learned and knew about it that you should always check the size chart for every particular product. I am usually US 6, it means I'm Medium, but sometimes in their product size chart, US 6 falls into Large or Extra Large. So, before I choose the size and add the item to my bag, it's been my habit now to check out first the size chart provided for the particular product. Just follow your size according to what was indicated there and I assure you, you'll hit your right size. 

ZAFUL has an app both on iOS and Android. So, just imagine how easy it is to just swipe and tap to check the new arrivals. Most of the times, I just browsing and reviewing my favorite items and that made me release some tension and take away some stress. I'm not kidding; online shopping is my best therapy nowadays especially if they have new arrivals on denim, oh my, my heart is jumping with glee especially with this denim maxi dress because I can't get enough of denim. 

When they launched their app, I downloaded it immediately. From then on, I always visit Zaful site through my phone. I like the app very much because I can zoom in the images of their products and it's high-definition compared to the desktop version. I hope they can improve other things, though, like in the "Wishlist" on the app, if the product is already out-of-stock, at least they could have put on some notice, too, just like in the desktop version. With regards to their customer service, the concerns via tickets submitted have always been resolved or I can always get a reply within 24 hours but if it falls on a weekend, sometimes their reply took up to 48 hours. I also love that every time they replied to my concerns/ tickets, they also sent an email informing that they replied back. 


Have you joined Z-Me? If you haven't yet, you better sign-up and join now. You wouldn't believe the opportunity that you've missed these days. Z-Me is a community where all Zaful lovers and customers can share your reviews, join and interact with other Z-Me members. In showing Zaful's appreciation of their growing community, they have many hot topics where you can join in and get a chance to win gift cards. Every time you post in your Z-Me account, they automatically add +30 points to your account. It is beneficial when you post and stay active because you'll surely gain points without you noticing. There are no limits in posting. Actually, you might get lucky to be picked as winners because every week, they are picking 3 winners that consistently posting in a week. Interesting eh? I joined the #MayYellow topic where I posted a picture with anything yellow just like these yellow lace dress. They still haven't announced yet the 3 winners for that May topic and I wish I'll be one of them. (crossing fingers) And oh, I've won the Mother's Day topic and it was my first time to won a $50 gift card in Z-Me! Check me out in Z-Me: @Jenniya, look for username: Jenniya. See you around!


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