Thursday, June 22, 2017

BLUE MAXI DRESS from Rosegal

Hello, lovelies! Have you seen my previous post? I was wearing a blue outfit and I can't believe I will look good in blue. That's why these blue maxi dress and sequin bodycon dress caught my attention as I was browsing the new arrivals in ROSEGAL. I fell into warm tones which mean I will look best in earth colors or warm colors but just recently I realized that I also look good in wearing blue. I think I should start investing with this color, too.



Honestly, I don't like blue that much. But recently, a blue outfit made me feel very confident and I must say, I look good in blue. All this time, my impression for this color is about masculinity. Guess it changed suddenly. So, here now I found myself scrutinizing every blue pieces at Rosegal website.



When I was young, I used to party with friends but I never had a chance to wear a party club dress. I mean, I had like three pieces of club dress but I had no courage to wear it even once in my life. You ask why? Well, I spent my college years in a province and there's no way my friends would wear such. Haha! And when I got to settle here in the metropolis (in Manila), I was occupied by work. But as you see, I still shared with you these sequin bodycon dresses because even I'm already in the state of my life where party is never an option to somewhat celebrate such occasion (because I'd rather spent it with my family), who knows there's an unexpected event where I would be required to wear one of these. There are selections of this kind at ROSEGAL.


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