Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hello, lovelies! Are you in the hunt for robes de cocktail courtes? If you are, then you have just landed on the right page. *drumrolls* You can check out these robes courtes and who knows your most loved design can be found there. It's in this season since it is already summer; we need anything that can help us make it through the sunny day. The heat nowadays is quite unforgiving and wearing comfortable pieces are the only key to making your day to at least good. Doing errands from point to point is quite stressful, so as much as possible I would only wear a shirt and shorts but my work has restrictions. I would probably go with the below items:



The embroidery and floral prints make me feel extra feminine and it's very obvious. From those intricately embroidered florals and the floral prints, there's no need for extra effort to look young and pretty. 


The pinstripes (white & blue) gives an instant refreshing vibe. I don't know with you but for me, this stripes makes an outfit extra bright aura. Agree? 


I love the trend of floral print, embroidery, and pinstripes, so as my wishlist. These three items I indicated above are my favourite that I'd love to include in my current shopping cart now. If you want to feel pretty and feel great, you gotta choose and plan your outfit. As for me, if I like my outfit, the mood and how I feel about myself in that particular moment radiates underneath my skin and it brings out your beauty. Do you agree with me?

By the way, lovelies, there are some new I would love to share with you. ZAFUL is now celebrating their 3rd Anniversary. I've checked out the details about this anniversary blog giveaway. TBH, it's quite awesome!

ZAFUL Giveaway is still on-going and if you want to have a chance to win amazing gifts, just continue scrolling down to see the giveaway details. The link to their blog is over here:

ZAFUL 3rd Anniversary Blog Giveaway

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and take a look. I would be very happy if you tag my name【Jenniya】after participating in the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards!


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