Saturday, July 22, 2017

Designer Dream Plan

Hello, lovelies! As I was tidying my shoe cabinet, I realized that I have many shoes but most of the pairs are for work (flats mostly) but have few pairs only of high heels that I can use for a special occasion. Then, I remember that just a month from now, I'll be attending a social party with my colleagues which will be held at a posh venue. I'm quite excited for that. I checked on FSJ Shoes and guess what, they have new designs. Above shoes are just a few from the wide selection of designer shoes from FSJ. And if you don't know yet, many shoe designers told you that they are keen on their designs so it's a dream for them to get noticed and have their designs chosen by the companies. But the thing is, many companies are not willing to produce only one shoe because they think there is no benefit. Well, that's how it normally works in the design industry but the FSJ's Designer Dream Plan is just a right place for all the designers to show and popularize their ideas/ designs without infringement. 

Recently, I get obsessed with sling back shoes. I find this very versatile. It is appropriate to wear to work as long as it is mid-heels. I also love looking at those high heels sling back because it shows a skin of your feet; something that is not closed. What do you think? My top favorites are the last two shoes. The black with a chunky heel is rad. Not to mention that the chunky heels are best compared to stilettos. I can wear shoes with chunky heels all-day without torturing my feet. That's why I'd rather wear mid-heels than sky high stilettos. Above shoes are just a few from the wide selection of designer shoes from FSJ. 


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