Monday, September 4, 2017

How To Dye Weave

People in different districts have different kinds of hair. For example, white people have hair in light color. Black people have hair in dark color while yellow people have hair with the color that is more like medium brown. But with the change of culture and fast changing of fashion trend, more and more women want to try different kinds of hairstyles to keep up with the change of fashion trend. As everyone knows, hair dye contains chemical materials, which will cause some damage to the hair. How to achieve hairstyles in different colors without damage to the hair? Hair products will no doubt a good option for you. Closure weave and lace frontal closure can be used to make a wig. If you not only want to have hairstyles in different color but also in different hairstyles, you can buy straight weave, which is easy for you to color or bleach the hair. Also, cheap lace front wigs, provided by Maxglam, are also good option since you don¡¯t need to sew in, which can save much time.

Today we will talk about how to dye weave. You can customize the weave in any color you choose, matching the hair to your own hair color perfectly. With the right supplies, guidance and a little patience, you can have the hair weave you¡¯ve always dreamed of. A weave with high quality is important in coloring. Weave made of virgin hair is the best choice since it has not been processed with chemicals. You need to prepare aluminum foil, hair dye, brush, bags and container and gloves.
When everything is prepared, dampen the hair weave, rinse and towel dry the weave. And then place it on aluminum foil. Then apply the product to your hair with the use of brush. Don¡¯t miss any strand of the hair. Gloves can be used to protect your hair. Avoid to leave the color on the clothes or table, because it is easy to dry and hard to clean. Then put the weave in the container and leave it for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, wash the weave with cold water until the water is clear without any color. 

And then put the hair in the bags. Finally, towel-dry the hair or leave it to air dry.
Hair weave is not attached to your scalp, so when you use hair dye, it will not cause any damage to your hair. You can dye the weave before you sew it into your hair. There are lots of tutorial about how to sew in hair weave online, so today we are not going to talk about this topic. If you think sewing in is very tedious, I recommend you to buy cheap lace front wigs. Wig may be a little expensive than closure, but it will no doubt save most of your time. Here I recommend you a company named Maxglam. They provide many kinds of hair products with high quality. Customized order is also available on their site. You almost can buy anything that you need. If you want to color or bleach the hair, it is better to buy some products made of virgin hair.


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