Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Using Social Media to Screen Potential Employees

With over 1.6 billion monthly users, social media has to be one of the most popular communication platforms of the 21st century. You can interact with any person you wish to connect with, and on top of that, you can find information about other persons that you may otherwise not have access to. With all this information available, it was just a matter of time before employers realized that they could use social media to screen potential employees.

Social media is diverse, and that's the beauty of it. You can use different social media sites to achieve different goals. Case in point; you can use Pinterest for shopping, Twitter for news gathering, LinkedIn for networking, and Facebook to connect with your friends, et cetera. But for an employer, combining information on these sites can be a great way of screening applicants. We lead online lives these days and social media screening can be a great recruiting tool.

How to Screen Potential Employees on Social Media

An interview or a resume can reveal an individual's interests, preferences, and personality to a certain extent. Social media, on the other hand, adds in-depth insight into the attributes of an individual. Traditionally, the recruitment journey tends to be contingent on both the individual and the organization to make selective disclosure of information they think of as impressive.

Now, with social media in the picture, there's more information for both the organization and the candidate. More information means more transparency, and the benefits for that are obvious. For instance, social media can now be used to screen employees in any of the following ways.

An employer can use social media to learn more about an applicant's personal attributes. For instance, what they say about their current or former employer. 
An employer can use the social media check to review the candidate's writing samples. 
Last but not least, the employer can use social media to corroborate information provided by the applicant on the resume or during an interview. 

Social media is a good way of obtaining additional insight about a potential employee. As an employer, ensure that the information you get from social media is not used in a discriminatory or unlawful way. HR professionals should take the following measures if they want to use social media for candidate's screening effectively:

Formulate a screening policy (social media) for your organization. 
Ensure that you have prepared a list of screening questions for the post. 
Now that you have all you need, commence the screening process. 
Make and avail the report to the person in charge. 
Keep all the documents (details about how the screening and hiring process was carried out). 

For an employee to have a successful stay at an organization, they have to fit into the company's culture. Publicly available online presence can give you a good idea of how the person is in real life, which you can use to gauge whether they will fit in. There are companies such as Fama that provide such services professionally. If you are shy about conducting online screening, you can hire such a company to fill the information gaps for you.


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