Friday, December 1, 2017

Deep Wave Weave or Long Straight Weave?

Hello, lovelies! have you seen my previous style posts? Have you noticed something new in me? Well, I just got my hair rebonded exactly a week ago today. I am happy with my shoulder length hair now; it is straight and shiny. But guess who's missing a styled curled hair? I think I'm crazy. Now that I have a straight, sleek hair, I want it wavy and curly now. Haha! But of course, I love when it is just straight; it's manageable and easy to fix. Actually, I should not let this craziness gloom over me because there is deep wave weave that I can easily wear whenever I want an instant glam look.

If you don't want bundles, you can always try silk base closure. Base closure saves time in hair styling because you can install it one time, unlike the bundles. Also, if you want to look as if it's your real hair, base closure is the best. It's like a hair growing from your scalp but actually not. Sounds really cool but here are the photos of it for a better reference.

I'm a straight hair girl fan ever since that's why even now that I have straight hair, I still want to try a long straight weave just for fun. Honestly, as much as I wanted to try ash blonde or ash gray hair, I just can't because of work restrictions. But this ombre hair weave is the only way I can try sometimes in my life. Trying won't hurt. Anyway, this is not permanent. Thanks to this hair weave, we can try as many hairstyles and color as we want. 


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