Monday, December 11, 2017

Get An Instant Hair Transformation

Hello, lovelies! Yesterday, I got invited to an event which is work-related but it was something that is more on socializing. Eat, chat, work and repeat. I really love the atmosphere that I thought of styling my hair on the next social gatherings. So I really thought of having my hair curled or styled it wavy. It's just that I really don't know how to fix my hair onto my desired style and I always failed in doing so. I think the lace frontal closure is best for me. Check out this:

If you have the patience and have the skill to style your own hair, you might want to check out hair bundles. I have naturally thick hair but if there is someone that will do or style my hair, I'd love to use hair bundles for a voluminous hair look. 

This loose wave weave is the first one that I want to try since I have already straight hair. This will be my hair transformation in an instant. It's been ages since my loose wave hair look. I remember the last time I did that on my own, I used a curling iron and the result was really a sore to the eyes (well, for me it looks ugly). So, I can just imagine it will be easier than it have to be if I use this loose wave weave. 


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