Saturday, December 9, 2017

ZAFUL Wishlist: Trendy Sweaters

Hello, lovelies! It's undeniably cold, especially at night. Well, the weather seems so hot at daytime but you'll be surprised when dusk takes place because it's cold already. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm excited because our Baguio trip with the whole family is fast approaching. This time with an additional member of the family, our adorable fur baby. Anyway, now that our trip the City of Pines is getting near, I checked out the outfits that I plan to wear. I will surely bring a coat and the rest would be sweaters. I am looking to order sweaters like this cable knit pattern drop shoulder sweater. Below are my top favorites from the wide selection.





I love the sweater collection in ZAFUL. It's trendy and gorgeous. That's why even though sweaters looks big and loose, it has a place in my closet especially during these cold weather months. The sweater is the easy top to style with. It's great to wear with a skirt, denim pants and short leather skirts. I'm looking to style it with pleated skirts with midi-lengths. How about you?



  1. so many great pieces by zaful!

  2. very nice selection !



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