Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bob With Bangs or Middle Part Bob?

Hello, lovelies! Now that summer season is approaching, I am thinking of a short hairdo. I am living in a tropical country and the humidity, especially during summer, is unforgiving. But I am quite hesitant to do it because once the hair is cut, you have to wait months to grow it longer again. What I'm scared the most is what if the short hairdo will not suit me? But then, this bob with bangs I stumbled upon will surely save me from my dilemma. Check this out, lovelies.

Last year, I've tried a hairstyle with bangs and I liked it. Bangs can give you an instant youth glow. Agree? I think I'll try again having bangs in a short bob. This is a perfect answer so I can leave the dilemma aside. Anyway, there are few selections of short bobs like this middle part bob. I have an oval shaped face and they said I believed I can sport any kind of hairstyle. So may it be a middle part boob or bob with bangs or side part bob will totally do and suit me. How about you? What bob style you have right now?


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