Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pink Weave or Blonde Weave?

Hello, lovelies! Aside from sex appeal, nothing will ever make heads turn than a beautiful hair. Agree? The hair will always be the woman's crowning glory. How about adding some pop of color to it? I wouldn't mind really. This pink weave is what came up to my mind when I thought of hair color. Isn't it eye-catching? I would wear the straight hair over this body wave hair. I don't know but even I'm eager to try on some colored hair, I'd always remind myself not to do overdo it. That's why I chose the pink straight hair because straight hair tends to make the look simple and sexy yet it screams toughness. This weave color is the best one that I've seen so far or shall I say it is something that makes me want to try sooner than I really should. Well, can you blame me?

Of course, I've always love blonde weave. This hair color will give an instant transformation without overdoing it. What do you think? So, even if I try curly or body wave hair in a blonde weave, I think I can wear it and will be confidently walking down the streets. The good thing about wearing this blonde weave, it compliments my skin tone. 


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