Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ROSEGAL Review: Smart Casual Look

Hello, lovelies! After some light works today which includes one appointment and some bank errands, I have arrived home early than I thought. Today was gloomy. The sun didn't even show up and it rained just a little but it never continued to get hard. I decided to wear something that will give me warm a little. So, for today's style post, I am featuring ROSEGAL. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and outfit details.

This long open front vest is versatile. I can wear this over a dress, too, but today I opted to style it with white pieces and embroidered slipper shoes. I love the length of this long vest because it is just above the knee, so it is really a perfect outerwear. It has a real two front pockets. Yes, I said it right, it is real as I can insert my whole hands onto it and not just faux pocket. The material is thick and stiff but it doesn't bite the skin. The size is true (I'm Medium, by the way). If this is available in other colors, I'll probably get another one, especially in white.

This quilted mini casual bag has been my go-to bag. It's simply designed but it screams classy. Agree? The size is ideal for a day out or a night out. The size is just enough to keep your cellphone, a small beauty kit for retouching and some cards. The quality is good and it was sewn neatly; I don't see any excess threads. It is versatile to wear with any outfit.


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