Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Women’s Gifts: Classical & Sexy Boho Dresses from Sevengrils

Hello, lovelies! I can't believe it's mid-week already tomorrow and it's gonna be weekend again. I'm happy the workload is lighter than expected. I got time to find new discoveries of online stores that I think I will frequent. Now that summer season is just around the corner, I am quite excited to check out the new arrivals from Sevengrils. Check out these products I've been eyeing ever since I stumbled upon this store.

I am glad to find these boho dresses because these are something that I want in particular. I fall in warm tones, so that explains the colors that I've chosen in the dresses showed up above. Well, aside from I easily got attracted to anything earth colors but boho speaks about warm; may it be about the weather or the sorroundings.

What I love about summer is that I got to wear not only short dresses but I can also wear maxi dresses provided the material is light just like these maxi dresses above. I'm a fan of anything stripes, so this striped sleeveless dress is a given thing that I will surely like but it's the high slit on the side that got me sold. Isn't it sexy? High slits are a thing during summer, so I'm sure you'll also agree with me why this black maxi dress with short sleeves is on my wishlist.


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