Friday, January 12, 2018

ZAFUL Review: Button Up Checked Tube Top

Hello, lovelies! The weekend is finally here and I am excited to see my family in the province. It will be another weekend full of talks, laughter, and foods. Yes, foods again! I haven't recovered yet from all the festivities and the ton of foods I ate from the holidays and yet there's another one coming again. No, there's no birthday or any occasion this weekend. It's just that every time I go home in the province, the foods laid on the table was always festive. I have gained weight and it's very obvious and I'm sure other pounds will add by next week. But hey, I am not complaining at all because nothing beats family dinners and lunches. It's always the best! Anyway, here's another style post featuring ZAFUL. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and the outfit details.

I owned many checked prints pieces; may it be tops or bottoms. I have it in business suits, actually, but this one in button up checked tube top was really interesting. Isn't it? Just take a look it; it is tube top and the closure design is unique. Any unique design will really got me sold in a snap. I really find this piece a cute one. It has an elastic band at the back, so it holds firmly onto your body. I have other styles in my mind like wearing it over a button down long sleeve top. As for the material, it is in great quality. The size is true (I'm size Medium, by the way). I highly recoomend this product.


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