Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ZAFUL Review: Embroidered Strappy Swimsuit

Hello, lovelies! I'm investing in one-piece swimsuits. My bulges are appearing in undesirable places and I'm not happy about it. Haha! The solution to hide instantly the bulges especially in the mid-part of my body is to wear a one-piece swimsuit. Honestly, I'm not attracted to black swimwear but this black embroidered strappy swimsuit is exceptional. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more details of it.

As I have mentioned above, I don't like black swimwear. I think this is the second one that I have now because the first one was a two-piece bikini and I haven't worn it yet ever since it was sent to me as my prize. I ordered this swimsuit because of the embroidery design in front. Wow! I just can't let this piece slip away. To see more swimwear, check out ZAFUL. and get a discount by using coupon code: LauraZF


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