Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ZAFUL Review: Off Shoulder Ruffle Hem Crop Blouse

Hello, lovelies! Summer is already here because last weekend, the sun was so unforgiving. I feel it in my skin; it was burning and I'm dark now. Haha! We went sightseeing of the famous places of the other countries in their replicas somewhere North. I have a warm tone so I easily get dark even in just a short time exposing under the sun. Anyway, I'm featuring ZAFUL again in this style post. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and outfit details.

I didn't hesitate ordering this off-shoulder ruffle hem cropped blouse because it is perfect for summer. Nothing beats the heat but off-shoulder tops and dresses. Right? White tops give cool feeling because did you know that the heat from the sun bounces back when it hit white pieces and that black pieces are the ones that absorb more heat exposure? Anyway, the elastic sleeves and waist are tighter than I expect; I had a little difficulty in putting this on. The elastic off-shoulder are okay though. The quality is nice. I recommend getting one size up if you want to order this top. For more discount, use coupon code: LauraZF



  1. That Zaful ruffle hem crop blouse and long pleated green maxi-skirt look beautiful styled together and being worn by you - you look fabulous.


  2. That very pretty and feminine Zaful ruffle hem crop blouse and the pleated green maxi-skirt look beautiful styled together! The pleated green skirt would be a lovely choice to wear on Saint Patrick's Day!



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