Saturday, March 3, 2018

ROSEGAL Review: Navy Blue Sleeveless Striped Coat

Hello, lovelies! How's your weekend so far? If you'll ask mine, well, I was working on a weekend. This week has been tough but every time I thought of the blessings that will come over, I cannot do complaining. Yes, it's been a busy week but nothing will make all the stress away by taking a back seat ride sometimes. And I meant a back seat ride is allowing myself drown into my passion for blogging. It's been my outlet to de-stress. Anyway, here's another style post featuring ROSEGAL. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and outfit details.

This navy blue sleeveless striped coat caught my eye the moment I saw it in the new arrivals of Rosegal. I love an outfit that simply sends an office wear look but with a twist. Just take a look at this piece. The twist is it's a wrap around and a bit short than the usual length of an office skirt. Right? It looks smart but still casual. The material is nice and the size is true. I'm Medium, by the way. I recommend this product.



  1. Wow, it is so different but i really liked it! It looks so chic and elegant! Good choice :)


  2. this dress is so gorgeous!! love the two different patterns on it

  3. nice look

    visit mine?
    Mrs. Aa

  4. I really love the wrap-around and bow side-tie appearance and versatility of your Rosegal sleeveless striped coat!!!


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