Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hair Bundle With Closure

Hello, lovelies! Ever since I cut my hair short (well, not really short but shoulder level only), I've been wanting to have it back. I wanted my long hair as I used to it. But not to the point that I regret that much. I just got sad sometimes. That's why every time I saw a girl with long locks, I can't help myself but sigh. I am used to long straight hair. Sometimes, I also want a long wavy hair. I'm just thinking if it looks good on me especially when I see my favorite Hollywood celebrities in their gorgeous locks. Take a look at them below.

These hairstyles are the ones that I want to achieve but I just don't have the "talent" or shall I say the patience to do it on my own. But nowadays, almost everything is impossible in just clicks. Guess I can have this hairstyle anytime I want. Have you heard or have you tried Brazilian hair

This is the wavy hair that I like. It looks smooth and light. I can imagine the wind can easily blow it away but it will not look messy. Am I right? This is perfect to wear if you're attending a wedding especially a beach wedding. I'm sure it will look natural. I'm also looking at these HAIR BUNDLE WITH CLOSURE and I was in awe when I laid eyes on them. Take a look at some photo below of what I'm talking about. 

These human hair weave, hair bundle with closure, Brazilian hair weave are from rebeccafashion. They have a wide selection of synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, hair extensions, you name it, they have it. I had fun browsing their products and there's a smirk plastered on my face the entire time. Haha! I just find this store amazing. Why don't you check it out yourself?


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  1. amazing post dear :)


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