Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's Time To Try Hair Bundles

When I had passed my 20's, I stopped taking care of my hair. I mean, I've stopped a salon frequent gradually. When I reach 30's, I started to think about how my life is doing or rather how I wasted some years spending on making myself look good to people. I just woke up one day that I really don't have to please people. Then, adulting continues and responsibilities got heavy and it made me stick to one hairstyle - straight. But there are days when responsibilities got lighter and I'd thought of giving my hair extra treatment, that's the only time I'd go visit a hair salon. When an occasion requires me to seek a help for professional styling, I'd go visit a hair salon. I'd always go for a body wave style like Rihanna's hair below. I'm in love with this hairstyle!

Some of the lace frontal I found is very similar to Kerry Washington's hairstyle shown in below photo. I love her kinky hair! There is a variable length of kinky curl but I really prefer the length of what Kerry's wearing. I live in a tropical country and I am naturally brown skinned since birth, that's why I thought of sporting a kinky curly hair look. I think I can pull off Kerry's look. What do you think? 

As I have mentioned over and over again, there are a lot of hair bundles to choose from. If you'll ask me, I prefer the more natural look for everyday use or rather if I have the luxury time to install the hair bundle everyday or rather thrice a week to work, a date or some events. It's a nice feeling to go a change from my usual wash and blow dry limp hair to some oomph... body wave curly hair. Especially if it is also dyed ones like Rihanna's hair color as shown photo above, there's nothing to measure the oozing confidence you have when you enter your workplace, see your date and friends and acquaintances. Now, if I want an extra attention or if I want their heads to turn, the kinky curl will do it. I mean, the kink curl is a little bit scandalous in a very sexy way and I love that idea! With that, I'd love to wear it for the special occasion and events that require a "bring it on!" look. I bet everyone's gonna touch your hair when you pass by and gushing over that confidence you have. 


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