Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lace Closure or 360 Frontal?

Ever since I get interested in human hair wig, I was fascinated all the time. Like every single time whenever I see my favorite celebrities in their most gorgeous hairstyle, I end browsing through hair wig store. I guess this is a calling that I should give this a try. But before I dive into that, I did a research on what's good or shall I say best especially that I'm a first-timer. Anyway, have you seen Zoe Aldana hairstyle? Ahhh... She looks gorgeous in it and I find this hair bundles great ones to ace that Zoe look. What do you think?

And these are the hair bundles I find that looks similar which I can totally wear without a doubt. I love the medium length only. You know, I don't want to try a long bundle since I'm a newbie to this thing. It doesn't hurt to try in a slow-paced and I like taking things slowly. How about you? It's funny, you know because when it comes to buying outfits, I am so impulsive but when it comes to our crowning glory, it's a total opposite. You don't want to look like a clown, are you? 

Well, that's me. I mean, a medium length will do for me now. It is because I have a past below straight hair length now, so I'm just thinking of "switching" gradually. But if you want a long weave, then I suggest you check out this lace closure because you can find a wide selection. If ever I get fond of long weave, I would definitely try Beyonce Knowles hairstyle. The very deep wave is just so sexy. Agree? 

If you already have a deep wave hair, then wearing a lace closure will surely make your hair glammed up. I guess Beyonce wore one, too, in that photo above. Just take a look at it carefully and you'll find that her original hair color was the gold. But it all looks very dope! It blended very well. You can also try this 360 frontal if you aren't into a deep wave. A smooth and slight wavelength gives an aura of something tropical like blowing of sea breeze onto you. I always find body wave a perfect accessory to complete or pull a tropic look just like Tyra Banks hairstyle. Yes, I think I can pull a tropical look every day since this hairstyle looks more like a real carefree hair. What do you think?


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  1. i tried clip on extensions but i haven't tried both lace or 360 frontal
    but i am curious about how they would look on me.
    i wanna sport the ombre styles.

    ❤ Ms. Kei


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