Thursday, April 26, 2018

ZAFUL Review: A White Tee & Floral Print Shorts

For me, there's nothing more comfortable than wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I've always been fond of wearing these. Now that it's Summer, I've stocked up these pieces but more into floral print. I really love my outfit last weekend when we visited Mom in the province because a printed piece shouldn't be overwhelming and you can always tone it down by pairing it with a plain tee. So, here's my installment post for the items I ordered from ZAFUL. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more outfit details.

This cotton letter embroidered white top is a must-have in your closet. The fit is perfect! It is very comfortable to wear because it is cotton and a bit stretchable. A t-shirt is a versatile piece and I'm so happy I've ordered this. The size is true; I ordered Medium. 

Then, I ordered this floral print high waisted shorts for the reason of pairing it to my plain tees. I was surprised to see that the waistband at the back is elastic. It made me happy even more knowing that there's a possible room for extra bulge when I eat big meals. It's a button fly and that has added chic. The bottom part is slightly flared which is nice. It has a full lining; great! I ordered size Large for this because that was what indicated in the size chart; I should go for Large if I'm a usual Medium. I highly recommend this product.


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  1. The floral print on the high-waisted Zaful shorts is pretty.The shorts look very nice styled with the white embroidered 'Heartbreaker' T-shirt. I love your outfit photos - you look very pretty in all of them.


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