Saturday, May 12, 2018

Frontal Human Hair Bob Wig

I am a late bloomer. I started really getting conscious of my appearance when I graduated high school and when I entered college. During my high school years, I never cared about hairstyles and outfits. It's because I studied in a school exclusively for girls. When I entered college, that was the time I started to care about my hair and started learning to apply light makeup because I had a crush on my professor, but not only him, there were quite a few cute guys in the university that I had a crush on. I remember when hair rebonding get on trend, I gave it a try. I sported a bob with bangs like this Lace Frontal Human Hair Bob Wig that I spotted online. These bob wigs remind me exactly of my look in college. I get excited to see these bob wigs especially that it comes in a dark color and a blonde with bangs. I've always wanted to sport a blonde hairdo. 


This reminds me of Tyra Banks. This straight bob is one of my favorite hairstyles of Tyra. It's so sleek and edgy yet sophisticated. She never fails to amaze me with her hairstyles. Then, comes the ombre trend. Honestly, ombre hair doesn't appeal much to me in the beginning because I don't like the distribution of the hair color. I'd rather choose highlights over ombre even the world go for ombre. But then one time, I bumped into my classmate and she was sporting an ombre hair. I was secretly amazed at her hair and I appreciated the beauty of ombre. It makes me a fan instantly of ombre hairstyle. That's why the Ombre Brazilian Human Hair Straight I happen to found online have brought me to ombre haven all of a sudden. 


The ombre hair of Tyra Banks looks gorgeous and it gives an instant sophistication. This is what I really want to achieve if I do my hair but I just can't. Well, if you'll let me dream on, I will probably want to sport as my every day look a kink hair. I don't know but I'm fascinated with this Afro Kinky Bulk Braid Hair like of Beyonce. Gosh! I love this woman and I love her hair so much. Isn't she a look gorgeous in the photo? I know, it's always the hair. :)


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