Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hair Bundle With Closure

I am a late bloomer. It is no wonder because I got my period at age 16 (nearly turning 17 that time) and prettifying myself just kicked in when I was 18. The first thing I got conscious about was my face and second was my hair. I hate it when my hair has fly aways at the back, so I always have my hairbrush in my bag whenever I go out. I can tame my hair anytime, anywhere; that's how conscious I was before. I have always had a shoulder-length hair before because my hair is naturally thick and frizzy, so growing it longer would always be a hesitation for me to do so because I always thought it will look thicker and more frizzy than usual. I have been dreaming of a shiny, thin and long hair before especially that Tyra Banks is one of my favorite runway models; I just can't help but adore her Brazilian hair

I found a wide selection of Brazilian hair from and you will be amazed at how this hair weaves looks like a natural one. They all look so amazing and it's hard to tell, really. You've got to check it out for yourself if you are on the hunt for something gorgeous looking hair weaves with a very reasonable price. You'd be thankful you stumbled on my blog. Below is the one I like that is similar to Tyra's shiny, straight, long hair. Check this out: 

Since I am talking about Tyra, I have seen one of her photos online sporting a semi-ombre hair. I find it attractive and she looks gorgeous in it. So I have thought of sharing this one because I am also thinking of trying ombre hair but I just can't decide on it. It's because of my work restriction, so I'd better share it to you instead. I found this body wave human hair from the HAIR BUNDLE WITH CLOSURE page of rebeccafashion and it's a bomb. Just look at those gorgeous hair strands; it is kind of loud in a sexy way. Right? If there is an available for men in ombre ash or wine, I would definitely get one for my husband. He is also considering this ombre trend. I was thinking of ordering one for him and I would just have it trimmed according to his liking. Yes, I guess I would do that. Oh, my husband has a long hair ever since I met him.


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