Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hair Weave

I went home to the province to spend Mother's Day at Mom's. All my siblings with their spouses were there except for my second oldest sister. She wasn't able to make it home due to a busy schedule with her clients. We had catch a lot of chit chats. A family bonding is truly a great way to make the ties stronger and make the relationship harmonious. So, every time the topic is about another country (coz we have plans of family getaways but this time, it will be an out-of-the-country trip), we always end up discussing how are we here living in the tropical country when we can actually live in a cold country like Scotland? Yes, I specifically said Scotland because my great grandfather is a Scottish. Anyway, every time we talked about our great grandfather and my grandmother, my mind wonders and imagine myself with blonde locks like this hair weave. We didn't get a foreign features like a white skin, high and slim nose, blonde or light hairs, or even height. But my Mom does get the features though. It's just that we inherit my Dad's genes almost 99% of genuine Filipino. That's why. Lol. Back to blonde locks or light hair that I have imagined myself (in case I inherited more of my great-grandfather blood), I would imagine Kim Kardashian look at below photo. 

This Brazilian hair is so gorgeous it hurts to think not to try even once in my life. I think this is one of the reasons why I am so fascinated with blonde locks. Every time I saw a girl with light hair, I secretly get envious. Sometimes I wished I had gotten some foreign feature like even just having a light hair. Haha! I can actually dye my hair to light color if I want to but for some work restrictions, I just cannot do it. The lighter I've got is the natural light brown hair. Actually, it's not even considered a light hair. 

Good thing there are really gorgeous and human hair weave from rebeccafashion to turn to as an alternative. I mean with this hair weave, you can go light hair, may it be straight, wavy, curly or kinky hair, depending on the situation or your mood. Right? I always think of wearing a hair weave into an event or times that needed an extra appeal. What do you think?


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