Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ombre Lace Front Wigs

I count the months on how long I had my hair get done in a salon and it is now seven months already. I had my hair rebonded for a sleek straight hair look and I've been treating it at home ever since. But now that it is starting to get unruly again, I am thinking of visiting the hair salon very soon. And whenever I plan that salon visit, there's always a debate on my mind of either dyeing it blonde or go ombre. I really wanted to try this hair trend but I can't just do it. I have work restrictions to follow and that is the reason I secretly envy those girls who tried it and they're all looking so gorgeous in their blonde and ombre hair. That's why I am thinking of trying this ombre lace front wigs because why not?  

This grey ombre looks so gorgeous it hurts. If there's a work restriction, then this wig is a great idea. Agree? Also, this is not permanent color and I can wear it for some events that needed for me to get extra. A blonde lace front wigs will also do. I've been wanting to color my hair blonde but who needs a permanent one when I can go blonde depending on my mood and situation. I can also choose to have long or medium length blonde hair anytime I want. Just take a look at the picture below. Can you tell if it's a hair wig? The length is so long you will envy the girl's hair. 

 I can say that wigs have evolved. I mean, now it's called human wigs, right? But not in just the name but the wig itself. Nowadays, it is hard to tell if someone is wearing one or not. This human wigs for white women are 100% real human hair. It's so gorgeous and it gives an instant head turner look. The third photo is perfect! I like light waves and the color is not that loud. I think I can wear this to work. There are times when I can't tame my hair - it's so frustrating! A wig will be a great solution in times like this. It will save you time and effort to do so. Also, it can make you transform into a new you. Isn't it amazing? 



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