Thursday, August 16, 2018

I Found A Silk Haven at Freedom Silk

I remember when we moved to our new home. The feeling is so overwhelming of happiness. There's nothing better than living in your own very home where you can do improvements and renovation. Compared to when you are renting, your improvements for the condo unit will be limited and sometimes, you can't really touch any inside the condo unit. When my husband and I reached in planning our bedroom, we both decide what bed to buy but for the bed linens, my husband had let me decide in all. I wished I have stumbled earlier in FreedomSilk; I could have bought our initial set of silk linens from them. But it's better to be late than never because I will take this opportunity to make our second set of silk bed linens are from this silk store because they are having a summer sale where you can have a 10% discount on the silk pillowcase, silk bedding, silk sleepwear, and accessories. 

My husband and I like neutral colors for our bed linens and we like it in plain color as much as possible. For now, we love our bed linens in pure white, beige and grey colors. I would always choose silk pillowcases over cotton pillowcases because I have read an article that silk pillowcases help reduce the development of early wrinkles. You wouldn't like to have wrinkles in an early stage, do you? 

This silk bedding set is so tempting. I want to snooze off while creating this post. Haha! Who wouldn't go to sleep with these silk bed set? It promises a very good night sleep. It also promises to have a good dream that I'll remember when I wake up. With its 600 thread count and 100% silk, you'll wish you're rich that need not to work but just in a deep slumber every day. 

Contrary to what I mentioned about beddings that should be in plain colors when it comes to silk pajama set, I love it in prints. I'm a pajama girl ever since. I guess the kid in me is here to stay and it triggers every time I go to sleep. Haha! Well, sleep is very precious especially in this age of mine and I will do anything to have a good sleep. So, even though it looks good to wear a nightgown or a camisole in our neutral plain colored bedding set, it's better to wear these printed silk pajamas to sleep because comfort is the key to a good night sleep. Agree? 


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